1. About CBD

1.1 What is CBD?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is the second most present active in cannabis. It is an essential component in medical cannabis and is derived from the cannabis plant.

1.2 What is the difference between CBD and THC?

CBD and THC affect different receptors in the brain. Because of this, CBD has no psychoactive effects and is therefore legal.

THC, on the other hand, has psychoactive effects. It is a compound that produces the effect that people commonly associate with illegal cannabis.

1.3 Can CBD cause addiction?

To date, there is no evidence of public health issues or addiction associated with CBD use.

Furthermore, in November 2017, the WHO Expert Committee on Drug Addiction (ECDD) reached the decision that CBD is “non-addictive”. In both animal and human studies, physical dependence on CBD has not been identified. For example, when studying the CBD component in rats, no tolerance or withdrawal effects were found. Likewise, no physiological or psychotic toxic effects were identified.

1.4 What is the CBD legislation in Portugal and Europe?

CBD is legal in Portugal and throughout Europe as long as the THC ( tetrahydrocannabinol) in the product is less than 0.2%. You can check the percentages of THC and CBD in all our products through the laboratory certificates found at the end of the description of each product page.

2. CBD Oils

2.1 What is a Full Spectrum Oil?

Full spectrum means that all 113 cannabinoids in the plant are fully extracted from the plant during the extraction process, and that the entire plant is used in the extraction.

Full-spectrum oils are the most famous in the range of CBD-derived products as the medicinal effects of cannabis are potentiated when the whole plant is used, as opposed to isolating just CBD or THC.

2.2 What is an MCT oil?

MCT is short for "medium-chain triglycerides" and is often used as a health supplement. It is a natural oil, typically derived from coconut oil or palm oil, and is the perfect combination of CBD oils.

Since the human body has some difficulty in absorbing the nutrients from isolated CBD, it is necessary to have a conductor that facilitates the absorption of the oil by the bloodstream, which in this case is the MCT.
Basically, MCT oil, which is a natural oil, facilitates the digestion of CBD oil and integration into the bloodstream.

2.3 What is the recommended dosage?

According to the regulations of some countries, such as Canada, it is advisable to use small amounts until finding the ideal dose recommended for each person, taking into account their physical characteristics and weight, however, any user who is having some difficulty in To find the recommended daily dose, follow the tables below:

Oils with 5% to 9% CBD
Effect / Weight 11kg 12-20 kg 21-38 kg 29-68 kg 69-108 kg More than 108 kg
Light 2 drops daily 3 drops 5 drops 6 drops 9 drops 11 drops
Medium 3 drops daily 5 drops 6 drops 8 drops 11 drops 15 drops
Moderate 5 drops daily 6 drops 8 drops 9 drops 14 drops 23 drops

Oils with 10% to 14% CBD
Effect / Weight 11kg 12-20 kg 21-38 kg 29-68 kg 69-108 kg More than 108 kg
Light 1 drop 2 drops 2 drops 3 drops 5 drops 6 drops
Medium 2 drops daily 2 drops 3 drops 3 drops 6 drops 8 drops
Moderate 2 drops daily 3 drops 3 drops 5 drops 7 drops 10 drops

Oils with 15% to 25% CBD
Effect / Weight 11kg 12-20 kg 21-38 kg 29-68 kg 69-108 kg More than 108 kg
Light 1 drop 1 drop 2 drops 2 drops 3 drops 4 drops
Medium 1 drop 2 drops 2 drops 3 drops 4 drops 5 drops
Moderate 2 drops 2 drops 3 drops 3 drops 5 drops 7 drops

3. CBDream ranking system

3.1 What are CBDream rankings?

You have probably already found products with a label with the following names: silver, gold and diamond . These rankings are used by CBDream in order to classify the quality of our products.

We can deduce that Diamond is superior to Gold and Gold is superior to Silver .

Obviously, the fact that the products are guided by this classification system does not mean that a lower-end product is bad, it was simply not considered as good as the ranking above.

3.2 How do rankings work?

We can deduce that Diamond is ranked higher than Gold and Gold higher than Silver .

3.3 How are the products classified?

Our team at CBDream Portugal meticulously selects the cbd flowers and evaluates certain components of the species, such as color, appearance, smell, moisture, flavor and purchase price , through a classification system based on heuristic functions and assigns in this way the appropriate ranking for the product.